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Finance - How to

How to obtain finance?

Financial institutions such as banks offer finance. You can either approach a bank or you can contact a bond originator, whose function is to acquire home loan applications and submit them to banks for approval and processing. This is a good choice as bond originators aim to source the best available interest rate from the leading banks.

Bond originator Betterbond is rated the number one mortgage originator in South Africa. Click to Contact Betterbond to see what interest rate they can negotiate for you.

The advantages of using Betterbond


Clients of bank mortgages have little choice of product, interest rates and credit terms. Once the interest rate is quoted, it is difficult and often intimidating for clients to negotiate with the bank, and shopping around is time consuming. For these reasons Betterbond sources the best interest rate to benefit you. By obtaining a lower interest rate on your bond, you can save thousands of rands on interest over the life of your bond.

Negotiating power

Due to its size, Betterbond has the ability to negotiate better interest rate concessions from the banks. Betterbond contracts with banks on the basis that the latter will not apply preferential rates in their own channels, including the banks??? branches, mobile sales forces and virtual platforms.


Betterbond has national, mobile networks to ensure access to its services across South Africa. This bond originator concludes transactions over the phone or at a location of the client???s convenience.


Clients feel confident to deal with Betterbond, as the staff are professional, service orientated and highly skilled in the processes involved in bond origination. In fact, most of Betterbond???s sales and service personnel have been recruited directly from the banks over the years. Generally, clients value bank-trained consultants to manage their home loan application.

Electronic Submission

Betterbond submits documents digitally and the client enjoys the benefit in speed and efficiency.

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