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Factors to consider when renting
There are several factors to consider when renting. We highlight some of these below.

Location, location, location
When selecting an area, take into account travelling distances to work, school, shops, hospitals, fire stations and other amenities. Consider the safety of the area ???? speak to residents in the area and contact the nearest police station for their opinion on crime in the area.

Meeting a prospective landlord
Set up a checklist that you can use when you view prospective homes. It should include what you require in a home and what you want to know from your prospective landlord. Go over various rental agreements and familiarise yourself with the laws relevant to renting. You should know your rights as a tenant, as well as the landlord???s rights.

Once you have made an informed decision about renting a home, you can enter into a lease agreement. This document exists to protect the landlord and you as the tenant. Ensure you read and understand the document before signing. You can always have your lawyer look over the contract, as it is legally binding. Be aware that the landlord will conduct a credit check to pre-approve you as a potential tenant before permitting you to rent.

Are you aware that you can negotiate with a landlord to reduce rent? Here are some tips on how to do so.

Know your price

Be aware of the cost of renting similar properties in the area. If you can find something better for a similar amount, use this to negotiate lower rent ???? just take along proof of the alternative offer. If you aim to move into a complex or block of flats, check how many units are open. If there are several vacancies, use this as leverage to negotiate a lower price.

Sell yourself

Every landlord wants respectable quiet tenants, so first impress the landlord and make him/her want you as a tenant. Then negotiate the rent.

Sign a longer lease

If you intend to stay in the area for a long time, offer to sign a longer lease in return for reduced rent and a guarantee that the rent won???t rise above inflation for the duration of the contract. Most landlords will consider your offer if you will stay for two or three years.

Find out how long the property???s been empty

Each day the landlord doesn???t have a tenant, he/she loses money. If you can move in immediately, let the landlord know ???? this might help you reduce the rental price.

Offer your services

If you can paint the home or tidy and maintain the garden, you should be able to negotiate a reduction in rent. Make it clear how much money you???ll save him/her and how the property will be improved through your efforts.

Simply negotiate

Anyone who???s ever tried to sell a property will say that homeowners rarely expect to get 100% of what they request. So offer a little less. You should be able to get a reduction of between 15% and 20%. If a landlord turns your request down, you can always raise your offer.

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